The Financial Benefits

What are the Financial Benefits?

What are the Financial Benefits of adding a Redx Hybrid Inverter and Battery to your Solar Panels?

The following is the financial information on the Solar & Battery system installed at Redx`s Laboratory/Warehouse on the Gold Coast.

The Solar Panels, Inverter and Battery are shown in the photos below:

Hardware installed

System size 5 kW
Panels (Renesola) 4860W (18*270W Panels)
Inverter Redx 5000ES 5kW Inverter
Battery Redx 5 kWh Battery

Cost Breakdown

Solar Panels $2,340
Redx Hybrid Inverter $2,115
Redx 5kWh Battery $2,909
Installation costs $4,353
Total $11,717
Less Govt rebate $3,293
Actual cost $8,424

The total saving on the electricity bill for one year was $1,400 giving us a payback period of approximately 6 years!!!