Our Products

PV Inverters

Redx hybrid inverters and lithium battery packs

PV Battery Packs

Redx 4, 5, 7 and 9 kWh battery units

Battery Backup Stations

Examples of the battery station for Emergency Power Backup

Wind and Solar Systems

Roof top solar power and wind power hybrid system

Wind power and solar power hybrid systems provide more energy and reliability to the end users.

Audio Systems

Energy efficient Audio amplifiers

Used for: 

  • Sports stadiums,
  • Movie theaters, and
  • Homes.

Lighting Systems

Wind power and solar power hybrid street lighting system

Wind power and solar power hybrid system provides cheap and clean energy to street lights and security monitoring cameras which can be remotely controlled via internet.

Mobile Battery Backup Stations

Mobile container battery systems provide quick and reliable power for communities, and organisations such as business, schools, hospitals and mining sites.







Battery type:FV200(3.2V/200AH)

Battery numbers:1,200 pcs



EV Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

EV Power Train Products

Off Grid Power Systems

Wind and Solar Hybrid System

Small and light wind turbines generating clean energy for suburbs and remote areas.