Mobile Solar Trailer


The main purpose of the trailer: The mobile energy storage solar trailer is a power generation system specially designed for areas without AC energy source. The trailer can provide stable, green and safe off-grid or grid-connected AC energy source for users.

Key Component: Trailer chassis system, photovoltaic modules, inverter, MPPT optimizer units, smart all-in-one distribution board, storage battery bank, and emergency quiet diesel generator set.

The concept of the trailer: The electricity generated by PV modules (Individual optimizer achieve MPPT) is converted to 48V DC through a solar adapter to charge storage batteries and the inverter converts 48V DC to AC powering the load. When the PV system cannot meet the load demand, the emergency diesel generator set can be manually started as an energy source to the load, thus forming a hybrid power supply system that enables users to use it in all types of weather without interruption.